The Katoen Natie depot for art and heritage

“Katoen Natie, founded in 1854, is a leading logistics service provider that operates worldwide. Katoen Natie also has a passion for art and heritage, with our HeadquARTers as the best example. Katoen Natie combined the best of both worlds in its division Katoen Natie Art.”

Katoen Natie Art is a logistics company specialising in transport, management and storage of art collections for among others museums, government departments, local authorities and private collectors. Katoen Natie Art offers tailor-made solutions for storing collections, to anyone involved with art and cultural heritage. Climate control, lighting, security and all other aspects are taken care of by professionals, to suit the needs of the works of art. Katoen Natie Art provides top-level conservations of the artistic heritage.


No risks

On arrival the artworks are first stored in the quarantine area, if required. There they are minutely examined and a condition report is drawn up for each item. If there are no risks of contamination the works of art will be placed in the depot.

Safe storage

You can opt for shared or separate storage. In the former case your artworks are kept along with those of other organisations in a large, shared area. If you opt for separate storage, then one or more closed-off units are made available to you.

Dedicated shelves

Each object is kept in such a way that it is safe for years, without any risk of damage. Katoen Natie has several techniques for this, along with a wide range of shelves and other storage facilities.

Stable conditions

The Katoen Natie Art depots are designed to ensure optimum conditions: air-tight and fully insulated, so that stable temperatures and humidity are achieved naturally, with minimum climate control. If required, the customer may choose to have the objects stored in special conditions – in smaller, enclosed areas – instead of the standard climate.

Specialist personnel

All the services are carried out by highly-trained, specialist personnel with a passion for art.

06 September 2017
Katoen Natie starts construction of Phase II of its Specialty Chemicals Hub in Singapore.
In the presence of the Ambassador of Belgium to Singapore, Mr. Andy Detaille, Katoen Natie had a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of Phase II of its Specialty Chemicals Hub on 31st August 2017. Koen Cardon, CEO of Katoen Natie Singapore, commented, “This investment represents a significant step change in the services we offer to Specialty Chemical Companies. As Singapore is moving towards more production of high end products, we are expanding our facilities to offer our key customers more solutions and more capacity.” At its Jurong Logistics Terminal, Katoen Natie is providing a wide range of logistics and semi industrial services to a portfolio of global customers. With extensive know how in handling solids in powder or granular form and liquids, Katoen Natie offers solutions such as repackaging, sieving, grinding, blending, optical sorting, homogenization, compounding, customizing, compaction and granulation, deodorizing, drying, heating, pastillation and ISO tank operations. Mr. Detaille, Ambassador of Belgium, highlighted, “It is great to see that Katoen Natie continues to invest in Singapore. They are a strong representative of what Belgium can offer in logistics, industrial services and innovative solutions.” Koen Cardon added, “our chemical customers are looking for total solutions that require highly skilled operators and services at the highest standards of Safety, Quality and Environment. With some 165 logistics terminals worldwide and in depth know how of product handling, we can offer our customers the services they are looking for. We continue to innovate to develop solutions for our customers that can help them to make the difference”. The Phase II Specialty Chemicals Hub facility will include silos for specialty chemical products, packaging lines and auxiliary equipment for dry air, product conveying and de-dusting. This 15 million Singapore Dollars investment will be operational in December 2018.
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14 June 2017
ISO 9001
Katoen Natie Art recently received the ISO 9001 certificate. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. A short and simple resume of its content is as followed:
  • Say what you do
  • Do what you say
  • Prove it
The Katoen Natie Art team has worked hard to develop procedures that suit the organization and match the customers’ wishes at the same time.  
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