The Katoen Natie depot for art and heritage

“Katoen Natie, founded in 1854, is a leading logistics service provider that operates worldwide. Katoen Natie also has a passion for art and heritage, with our HeadquARTers as the best example. Katoen Natie combined the best of both worlds in its division Katoen Natie Art.”

Katoen Natie Art is a logistics company specialising in transport, management and storage of art collections for among others museums, government departments, local authorities and private collectors. Katoen Natie Art offers tailor-made solutions for storing collections, to anyone involved with art and cultural heritage. Climate control, lighting, security and all other aspects are taken care of by professionals, to suit the needs of the works of art. Katoen Natie Art provides top-level conservations of the artistic heritage.


No risks

On arrival the artworks are first stored in the quarantine area, if required. There they are minutely examined and a condition report is drawn up for each item. If there are no risks of contamination the works of art will be placed in the depot.

Safe storage

You can opt for shared or separate storage. In the former case your artworks are kept along with those of other organisations in a large, shared area. If you opt for separate storage, then one or more closed-off units are made available to you.

Dedicated shelves

Each object is kept in such a way that it is safe for years, without any risk of damage. Katoen Natie has several techniques for this, along with a wide range of shelves and other storage facilities.

Stable conditions

The Katoen Natie Art depots are designed to ensure optimum conditions: air-tight and fully insulated, so that stable temperatures and humidity are achieved naturally, with minimum climate control. If required, the customer may choose to have the objects stored in special conditions – in smaller, enclosed areas – instead of the standard climate.

Specialist personnel

All the services are carried out by highly-trained, specialist personnel with a passion for art.

Driverless truck
25 October 2017
Innovation on the move: First driverless truck in Singapore
Katoen Natie has started operating its first driverless truck at ExxonMobil’s world-scale integrated manufacturing site in Singapore, transporting products between the company’s packaging and intermediate storage facilities. The pilot truck will operate on a 24/7 basis moving some 250,000 tons of product annually. After a six-month test run, the project will be gradually expanded to 12 trucks, moving some 3 million tons of product annually. Innovative and tailor made solutions Mr. Koen Cardon, CEO of Katoen Natie Singapore, said, “We combine engineering, technology and logistics operations to offer innovative and tailor made solutions to customers in a variety of sectors. This project is a perfect example of the innovation we bring to the forefront to create value for our customers as well as creating the opportunities to upgrade the skills of our workforce.” “We are excited to support Katoen Natie in making this innovative breakthrough in chemical logistics, and helping the world envision how the future of transport will look like,” said Damian Chan, Executive Director, Energy & Chemicals, Singapore Economic Development Board. “The transformation of our industry cannot happen without a well-trained and future-ready workforce, and Katoen Natie’s commitment to retrain and upskill their workers exemplifies Singapore’s continuous efforts to ensure our talent is ready to take on jobs of the future.” Automation to improve productivity Mr. Robert W. Johnston, ExxonMobil’s Singapore Chemical Plant manufacturing director said, “Driverless trucks are an example of how the industry continues to adopt automation to improve worker productivity. We are glad to be supporting Katoen Natie in its efforts to safely operationalise new and innovative solutions at our manufacturing site.” Mr. Cardon added, “We operate 165 logistics terminals in a network of 36 countries. We selected Singapore as the location for this project given that it has both the vision and the right business environment to undertake such projects. Our partnership with the Economic Development Board has been of key importance for the realization of this project. In addition, many other parties including a team of MBA students from the Singapore Management University (SMU) and the IE Business School have been pivotal for this project.” SMU’s Associate Professor of Operations Management (Practice), Professor Lieven Demeester, who guided students in his previous role as Associate Dean of MBA Programmes commented, “We are proud of our MBA students. They helped Katoen Natie identify the technology partners, initiate a productive collaboration between them, and assure the financial viability of the project.” Katoen Natie also worked with Dutch industrial VDL Groep as partner for this project, who carried out the truck conversion and automation at its local VDL Automated Vehicles technology centre here in Singapore. Mr. Theo Toussaint, Executive Vice President of VDL Groep, said, “We’re delighted to partner with Katoen Natie in this driverless truck project. The ambition of VDL is to become the leader in electric and automated heavy-duty vehicle applications and we see this project as another big step towards our goal.” Not an endgame Since establishment in Singapore 20 years ago, Katoen Natie has developed many new solutions in Singapore that includes safety inspections by drone, transport management through a specially developed mobile phone app and a range of new technologies in packaging and shipping operations. Mr. Cardon said, “The pilot driverless truck project is not an endgame but a milestone in a wide range of innovative solutions that we are introducing for our customers worldwide. Our Singapore operations have become a centre of excellence for Katoen Natie which will enable us to create value for our customers across the world.” Watch the full video of the first autonomous truck operating in Jurong Island Singapore
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06 September 2017
Katoen Natie starts construction of Phase II of its Specialty Chemicals Hub in Singapore.
New services for specialty chemicals companies in Singapore In the presence of the Ambassador of Belgium to Singapore, Mr. Andy Detaille, Katoen Natie had a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of Phase II of its Specialty Chemicals Hub on 31st August 2017.  Koen Cardon, CEO of Katoen Natie Singapore, commented, “This investment represents a significant step change in the services we offer to Specialty Chemical companies. As Singapore is moving towards more production of high end products, we are expanding our facilities to offer our key customers more solutions and more capacity.” Logistics and semi industrial services At its Jurong Logistics Terminal, Katoen Natie is providing a wide range of logistics and semi industrial services to a portfolio of global customers. With extensive know how in handling solids in powder or granular form and liquids, Katoen Natie offers solutions such as repackaging, sieving, grinding, blending, optical sorting, homogenization, compounding, customizing, compaction and granulation, deodorizing, drying, heating, pastillation and ISO tank operations. Mr. Detaille, Ambassador of Belgium, highlighted, “It is great to see that Katoen Natie continues to invest in Singapore. They are a strong representative of what Belgium can offer in logistics, industrial services and innovative solutions.” Total solutions Koen Cardon added, “our chemical customers are looking for total solutions that require highly skilled operators and services at the highest standards of Safety, Quality and Environment. With some 165 logistics terminals worldwide and in depth know how of product handling, we can offer our customers the services they are looking for. We continue to innovate to develop solutions for our customers that can help them to make the difference”. The Phase II Specialty Chemicals Hub facility will include silos for specialty chemical products, packaging lines and auxiliary equipment for dry air, product conveying and de-dusting. This 15 million Singapore Dollars investment will be operational in December 2018. Learn about the services Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals offers to its clients all over the world
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14 June 2017
ISO 9001
Katoen Natie Art recently received the ISO 9001 certificate. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. A short and simple resume of its content is as followed:
  • Say what you do
  • Do what you say
  • Prove it
The Katoen Natie Art team has worked hard to develop procedures that suit the organization and match the customers’ wishes at the same time.  
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09 May 2017
New logistics and warehousing facility in Baytown, TX (USA)
A facility with many possibilities The site sits on 560 acres of land. A total of 2 million ft² of warehouse space is currently built out along with 530 hopper car spots. In 2017, Katoen Natie will continue expanding, increasing from the 2 million to 2.5 million ft² of warehouse space and at least 700 hopper car spots. Master plan This site ultimately has a master plan of 11 million ft² of warehousing with 3,000 hopper car spots. It is dual rail served by both the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads, which is in line with Katoen Natie’s philosophy to strategically pursue properties with multiple rail access, thus adding a competitive advantage for our customers. Not only Petrochemicals will be incorporated into this site, but also our Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Goods & Industry, Process Engineering, and other business units. US operations 20 years ago, Katoen Natie began its US operations in Houston with 500,000 ft² of warehouse space. Now, we operate 5 million ft² of warehouse space in Houston area, and over 6 million ft² in the US. Get an insight into Katoen Natie's logistics terminal in TX, USA for the petrochemical industry.
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