We not only have a passion for fine art. Ecology is also one of the guiding principles at Katoen Natie, which is why we proactively invest in sustainable solutions, also at the Katoen Natie Fine Art Business Unit.

Green energy. The electricity for our warehouses is generated on-site by 800,000 m² of solar panels and wind turbine

Optimum insulation. Our warehouses are insulated to the highest standards in order to minimise energy loss. Moreover, our newest sustainable warehouses are airtight, which eliminates the need for heating.

Waste handling. Our warehouses are equipped with a waste sorting line, enabling the easy sorting of waste materials. Successful sorting is based on sound recycling, resulting in high quality recycled materials.

Reuse. Our customers can reuse second-hand crates and other materials cost effectively or free of charge.

Transport. Our vehicles comply with the strictest environmental standards.

Ecological pest control. Our external partner uses ecological pest control traps in our warehouses. The on-site treatments are environmentally friendly and free from toxins or gases.

Lighting. We solely use LED lighting with motion sensors. Lamps are never lit unnecessarily.